Accepting Local Retailers

ST. LOUIS, MO (DeliverySTL) We accept local retailers to offer products online using our platform and provide local delivery.  Please help us build our platform to provide local products with same-day delivery.

Call +1 314-529-1133 or email Marty@STLMedia.Agency

DeliverySTL Explained

ST LOUIS, MO (DeliverySTL) Our platform offers two services:

  1. Arrange delivery of anything.  Providing one person can pick it up and fit it in the trunk of a car, we can arrange delivery.
  2. Sell products online – with same-day delivery.

Delivery is big business!  Shoppers love Amazon because they can shop and get fast delivery.  However, we believe in the buy-local concept.  What is better than buying local and having same-day delivery?  It is the best structure for residents and local businesses.

Benefits of working with

  • We provide FREE digital marketing
  • We integrate delivery using doordash – everybody knows doordash
  • We can provide product support, reviews, and delivery to help increase sales
  • We use social media to help promote your products

For more information call or email:

  • Email: Marty@STLMedia.Agency
  • Call +1 314-808-1870 or text +1 417-529-1133
Official Launch of STL.Delivery

St. Louis, MO (DeliverySTL) We officially launched the website today. It will be in the design phase for most of January 2022.

Our site offers two things:

Delivery – we are partnered with doordash and can get anything delivered to your home or business.

Shopping – order from local business and get same day delivery.

For questions, email Marty@STLMedia.Agency